Hard Drive Lifespan

June 16, 2015|Posted in: Hard Drive Storage

Hard drive life span

I’ve found that the health of my hard drive all came down to the care and attention of the device in which it was being used (i.e. laptop, desktop, external enclosure, etc.). We do this all in the name of avoiding the inevitable – data loss.

Care and maintenance also relates to the actual data stored on the drive. This is where some people think anti-malware or Antivirus software comes into play.

I do agree, I think good antivirus software can definitely help avoid your data being compromised but the idea that data can be corrupted or a hard drive rendered useless by not running anti-malware software, is just not true.

Having gone through various levels of data recovery at least 3-4 times in the past and having had antivirus software installed on my PC every time, hasn’t saved me from corrupted data or a failed hard drive.
I have had basic file recovery performed from my local PC repair shop which was a result of minor file level corruption. I was told this was most likely caused by an electrical issue or power anomaly.
I have also had a higher level failure that required the services of an off-site data recovery lab to rectify. I was told this failure could have been caused from an aging hard drive/malfunctioning component.

In both of these instances the idea of either issue being caused by a virus is just not plausible.

Good device/ Western Digital hard drive maintenance starts with choosing the right device and planning on long term maintenance. Realizing when its time to circulate your data to a newer device helps as well.

Anti-malware is a matter of good security not good maintenance. Remember those who wish to do you harm generally don’t have the ability to render your hard drive useless, nor do they want to – and those who may have the ability to effect your data wont ruin or cause corruption as it serves no practical purpose.

Most of the malware out there today, whether it be a virus or spyware is intended to run unseen. Causing corruption to your data doesn’t do the bad guys any favors. Its not a money maker.

Be responsible regarding maintenance and preventative measure’s! When it comes to avoiding drive failure, know where to focus your efforts.

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