How to Protect Your Files Online

June 12, 2015|Posted in: Data Backup

Having a small business, backing up and transporting my data on an external hard drive for the past 5 years seemed to be the best way to mange things. I always knew that one day the inevitable would happen.
Well, it did and my hard drive crashed. My world came to a screeching halt.

Since then I have been relying on online or cloud backup to store and access my data. I can back up my data on the fly wherever I am. What’s better, I can also restore that data without carrying a copy with like I used to do.

Backing up your files online

Backing up data is easy to set up and use and once you’re up and running it is the most secure way to save and store your data.
The monthly cost has come down over the years and is well worth it when considering that I spent 1400$ to recover the data from my hard drive when it crashed.
It has also saved me time and effort as I am able to automatically backup common folders and directories which means I no longer have to hook my external hard drive and decide which data to drag over to the hard drive. I can set my backup to run hourly or daily and whatever time I choose.
Because I am working with a true Cloud backup, I can mange and edit my backups anytime. Things like retention rate which mean how long copies of my oldest data is kept on file – and other efficient built-in options such as the ability to incrementally backup files which are already backed up. This means that I don’t waste space backing up the same file but rather, only the changes.
These are only some of the best options i’ve noticed with my backup plan. There are many, many more that can be explored.

Cloud data backup is one of the best moves I have ever made – its affordable and 100% reliable.

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