Backing up Your Data to Google

June 12, 2015|Posted in: Data Backup

Backing up your data to Google has never been easier. Whether you’re a family, a business or just someone like me who doesn’t want to risk losing their data, cloud backup services are more affordable and easier than ever to install and maintain yourself.

– Families or single users can go just about anywhere and download a fully functioning trial to get themselves up and running. A good backup services provider will usually have a real-time onsite support structure to help with that initial setup and are never far away.
– Businesses with servers and virtual environments will want to do their homework as to best plan for them. Usually the backup services provider will work with the business and assess their needs quickly and recommend a product and plan that works best for them, both on the cost and support sides. Implementation is also key focus of any backup services provider as the move into online backup should be seamless and not be the cause of any downtime.
– Single users on the move are the most versatile and usually only backup from one workstation or computer. Straight forward trials are found on just about any backup companies website and can be installed in minutes. Ease of setup and management are key for someone on the move.

At the end of the day most backup companies will give you a no-charge, no limit, fully Google data center for online backupfunctioning data backup service for at least a month in order to let you work with their service to see if it’s a fit for you. Depending if you’re an individual, family, or business, you’ll be able to work with the product first hand and pick the best plan that meets your needs.
Whether you have many computers/people in your family or business that need to back up a small amount of data, Or you have few users but a lot of data, the company you choose should be able to tailor their service to fit your needs at an affordable monthly, quarterly, or yearly cost.

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