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Aug 11

August 11, 2016

Saskatoon Sasktel Authorized Dealer has the Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge available in Saskatoon

amsung Galaxy Note Edge available in Saskatoon

The future is here with the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which is available at your local SaskTel Authorized Dealer.

The positives of the new Samsung galaxy note edge, whether it is the gorgeous screen, quality camera, many practical uses or the excellent performance, outweigh any drawbacks. The phone has kept the removable and replaceable back and battery as well.

The Edge has great specs; a 5.6 inch display that is not only bright and roomy but also dense with 2560 x 1440 ‘regular’ pixels. This doesn’t include the additional vertical line of 160 dots that make up the edge panel for which this new phone is distinctly known. And it isn’t all just some ostensible talk! The phone integrates Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology- with its vibrant but not oversaturated colours, faultless contact, and excellent viewing angles- not to mention a seamless tactile experience highly comparable to all of its predecessors!

Samsung Note Edge in Saskatoon

Now to get down to the distinctive piece of this phone-the edge screen- it is marked but it doesn’t act like a border as such; in fact the two areas of the screen are impeccably fluid- so that the edge screen gracefully flows with the main screen when activated and just as quickly isolates off to the side when inactivated. The sloping glass is remarkable as the curvature is not purely visually attractive as it slopes perfectly with the underlying panel- a testament to the advancing moulding process that can also be seen in the recent iPhone 6. The functionality of the edge screen right now is contained in tool like resources such as a notifications panel (texts, sports score ticker, emails), a virtual ruler, and many more. By swiping right or left on the edge panel itself allows users to cycle through a custom list of tools which include a Twitter trending topics sum, a voice memo function, a timer, a news ticker powered by Yahoo, a shortcut for the Edge’s S Note, and others. Since the edge acts a display for ongoing notifications, more of the screen is freed to display more of whichever application is open.

Here’s a great review on the new Samsung Note Edge:

The main idea behind the edge is consolidating an array of elementary functions in one spot so as to simplify and prove more efficient for cell users- an all of this- through an elegant, modern, and leading technology display system.

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